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The design of the Roto 2000 auto rotisserie is backed by over 20 years of experience in auto restoration. It is one of the most reliable and useful tools that can help you transform a piece of history into a investment you can be proud of. Years of design testing in real restoration shop use has resulted in a auto rotisserie  design that works extremely well to get the job done both safely and easily. 
 The pictures were taken for the Roto 2000's strength demonstration purpose only.......DO NOT TRY THIS! Strength, design, and reliability are all high priority of any shop tool, with safety at the top of the list. The vehicle in the pictures is a fully assembled 1993 Chevy Full-sized K1500 Series 4X4 Blazer  with a 5.7L V-8. There was also about 17 gallons of fuel in the tank. The full-sized Chevy Blazers weigh well over 5000lbs and measure just under 16 foot bumper to bumper. As you can see in the pictures, the Roto 2000 has lifted the vehicle off the ground and shows no signs of sagging or structural deforming. This is a strength test that the competition has yet to attempt. With this in mind, it is easy to figure out that the Roto 2000 is indeed a strong and reliable piece of equipment that can easily handle it's actual intended use. 
Note: Most of the body shells that our customers will be rotating during a restoration will be between 800lbs-1500lbs with the high end being the larger uni-bodies. Frames usually run from 350lbs- 500lbs. It's obvious that the Roto 2000 can easily and safely handle its real world service requirements.

Yes....there is an engine and full driveline in it.

Even when overloaded, the Roto 2000 has no center tongue sag!

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