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The Roto 2000 auto rotisserie has everything you would expect from a quality automotive restoration tool without costing you more. It's packed full of the features that our customers want and need. The Roto 2000 is simple to use,  easy to rotate, available with many options, affordable, and has a heavy-duty 3000 lbs rated capacity. The information below will show you what to look for when choosing an auto rotisserie and will point out some of the key features of the Roto 2000.  

The Roto 2000 features a fully adjustable vertical tower. Attaching the rotisserie arms to the auto body or frame is much easier since this positions the rotisserie attaching arms to approx 14" from the ground (slightly higher with the wheeled versions). Once attached to the body or frame you can use a engine hoist to lift the telescoping vertical tower into position or add our optional hydraulic rams to your Roto 2000 purchase, to make raising and lowering even faster and easier. A body shell up to 7' in diameter can be lifted from it's frame, jack stands, etc...then raised to the rotating height position and rotated a full 360 degrees within minutes. This feature is safe and easy since the body or frame is secured to the arms of the Roto 2000 while it is still low to the ground. Dual tensioners and a locator cross bolt hold the towers at the required height for extra safety. 

The Roto 2000 has gussets on the bases for extra strength. These prevent any side-to-side movement as you work to restore your body or frame. There is also dual gusseting on both of the rotator assemblies. With the combined use of 3/16ths steel AND gusseting, the Roto 2000 is the most stable and reliable automotive rotisserie tool you can buy in it's price range. 

Each of the two bases of the Roto 2000 has a 3 leg design that puts one of the legs under your body or frame and creates a solid, one piece L shape. The design offers more strength, stability, and less vehicle body stress than other units with the 2 leg base design. The Roto 2000 will not "sag" when it is loaded, even at it's rated capacity of 3000lbs. This feature also keeps the vertical towers where they should be....vertical. The towers will not lean in which would drastically affect how much effort is required when rotating. This is an important feature to look for when shopping for rotisseries. 

The Center-of-Gravity adjuster allows you to locate the center axis of rotation for your body or frame. This makes rotating very easy to do with very little effort. Bodies or frames mounted in the Roto 2000 can be rotated using just one hand when properly adjusted. Dual tensioners on the rotator assemblies will hold the body or frame at ANY degree of rotation that you need. Our illustrated instructions will show you how to quickly find the center balance so you can achieve effortless rotation on any body shell or frame.

All weld locations on the Roto 2000 are properly cleaned and prepped before welding with a 480v Pulse MIG welder. High stress areas on the Roto 2000 receive triple pass welds. The first weld is underneath the two visible ones in the picture. Although this takes more time, the result is a far stronger weld due to the larger weld contact area. Taking the time to do it right, is what counts with everything we do. 

The Roto 2000 is built from 3/16ths inch thick steel which is 50% thicker than some our competitors who are using 1/8th inch steel. If you are shopping for a durable rotisserie that can handle the daily use in a restoration shop, then the Roto 2000 is right for you. Strong enough for everyday shop use, yet affordable enough for the hobby restorer....what more can you ask for? 

Dual tensioners on the Roto 2000's adjustment points give it double the holding power and will not slip. The Roto 2000 also uses a safety bolt at the end of the adjustment points, for extra security.

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