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Auto Restoration Rotisserie-Pricing

If you have any questions about which accessories you will need please call 515-412-0865 or email us with your questions through our "Contact Us" page.


Pricing Information

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Roto 2000

Sale Price: $895.00

*Lifetime warranty info-click here

Heavy 3/16ths thick steel (50% thicker than our competitors) construction with gusseting, dual tension adjusters, and triple pass welds for superior strength and stability. Height, Length, Width and Rotating Balance adjustable 3000 lbs. capacity Roto 2000 auto rotisserie. Add any options or order just as it is. Handles a body or frame up to 16' long (20' with extender kit). Rotates objects up to 7' in diameter. Requires 7'6" minimum ceiling height. Made in USA.

Illustrated instructions included with all orders!

Available Options
Unsure about what options you want or need? us and we will be happy to help.

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Hydraulic Upgrade

Sale Price: $150.00

*price includes hydraulic cylinders and mounting hardware preinstalled on rotisserie

These speed up and simplify raising and lowering your auto body or frame once mounted in the rotisserie. Your Roto 2000 will include (2) cylinders; one for each end, and the additional mounting hardware for the hydraulics will be welded onto the rotisserie. Cylinders remove in seconds to protect during media blasting or painting.

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Steel Caster Set

Sale Price: $60.00

Our steel casters are not affected by oil or chemicals unlike poly casters that would be. Steel caster set includes (6) heavy-duty swivel casters. We only use ALL steel casters with a 1000lbs capacity per caster! These work great on concrete surfaces and are the ideal caster for mobility in the shop.

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Balancer kit

$75.00 (pair)
Sale Price: $60.00

Our balancer kit allows you to quickly zero in on the correct balance for your vehicle. These attach to the top of our adjustable T-bars to pull your body shell up to its correct location for simple one handed spinning. These are a must for anyone wanting fast set-up times. We use actual ACME threaded rod for long life unlike our competitors who use low quality, standard all-thread rod.

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10 "Pneumatic Outdoor Caster Set

Sale Price: $275.00

Heavy Duty 10" Pneumatic Caster Set including (4) 450lb capacity casters and brackets. These slide on the legs of the Roto 2000 in minutes and allow for mobility on outdoor surfaces like gravel or asphalt. Pneumatic casters are for outdoor use only. Order both steel and pneumatic casters for indoor-outdoor multi surface mobility.

Uni-body Adapter Brackets

(most 1974 and newer uni-body)

$40.00 (pair)

Uni-body Adapter Brackets simplify attachment to uni-body styled vehicles that have a flat, vertical bumper mounting pad at the rear. Drill the adapter to match the bumper mounting pattern.
(Often used on 1974 and newer uni-bodies)

Valance Adapter Brackets
(most pre 1974 uni-body)

$40.00 (pair)

Our commonly requested Valance Adapter Brackets simplify attachment to uni-bodies that have a rear valance tail panel that obstructs access to ideal attachment points. These allow you to reach "up-and-behind" the rear valance panel and bolt into your uni-body frame rails. 
(Often used for pre 1974 uni-bodies including 1st & 2nd Gen Camaro/Firebirds, Mustangs, some Mopars)

Length extender kit


Add additional length to your Roto 2000. This kit contains an extra floor tube and coupler to allow your Roto 2000 to handle the longer frames or body shells up to 20' long.

Payment and Shipping Information



Contact us with your zip code for a discounted shipping quote on our "contact us" page or by calling 515-412-0865.. The Roto 2000 ships on a pallet rather than a heavy box crate. This reduces weight and shipping costs for you! 
 Click here for more info regarding shipping delivery times, insurance, etc.

Payment Options


Pay by credit card. Master Card, Visa, and Discover accepted.

Money orders or Bank Cashier Checks can be mailed once you have your total including shipping. Personal and business checks are accepted but require 5-7 working days to clear.


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