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The Roto 2000 auto rotisserie takes the pain out of the restoration of your rusty, dirty frame. Curves and corners are difficult to media blast or paint unless you have an auto rotisserie.  The last picture shows that the Roto 2000 auto rotisserie has other uses also.  Including a convenient place to hang all of the small parts for media blasting or painting A arms, cross members, steering boxes and more. 

vehicle frame restoration

Customer Feedback


Hello, Thanks again. Let me know if the pics are okay.  After checking out several different companies that make these auto rotisseries, I decided to go with the Roto 2000 with hydraulics. I am very glad I did. This is an impressive piece of equipment. It's very sturdy and easy to use. The hydraulic rotisserie makes the job go much smoother. Also, it only took a couple of days for it to be shipped, once I placed my order. The customer service is great and whenever I called the company, I was able to speak to a knowledgeable and friendly person. I would highly recommend the Roto 2000 with hydraulics!! Thanks Steve 
I  got my '50 Chevy Pickup cab mounted up and took some pictures. It is making my restoration work much easier. In fact, I don't know how people are able to work on cab corners, rockers, etc. without a auto rotisserie. When I finish the '50 my '57 Bel Air will get a complete frame off restoration.Eric

I apologize for the delay in letting you know that I now have the Roto 2000 in my garage. Everything worked out very well including getting it into Canada. I am very proud to own the Roto 2000. While it will be some time before I will actually use it I anticipate that from the standard of construction it will more than do the job. I have enjoyed dealing with you and will definitely be recommending the Roto 2000 to other car enthusiasts. John.
I received my order yesterday and everything looks good and was intact. The shippers dock just happened to be close to my work here in Seattle so picking it up was a cinch. WOW, the welds on this unit sure look good. I wish I could strike an arc half this good. Anyway, once I get it set up and my Tiger on it, then I'll send you a picture. Thanks again. Brett
Just would like to let you know, that I received it yesterday and I'm very satisfied with the construction of your product, and will tell other shops about it. Thanks, Jerome Nelson, of Jerrys Restoration

"I would like to think I did my homework researching car rotisseries. My experiences building street rods the last 40 years, tells me this effort
 was rewarded with a quality designed and built (safe) product. I am glad I added the convenience of the jacks and metal casters. I appreciated the assistance and reassurance of your timely phone call. With confidence, I adjusted the "T" bar, safely finding the right balance and was giving one hand demo spins to inquisitive friends that same day. Thanks for your great product and friendly service. I would highly recommend you to all those looking for such a product. My only regret is that I waited this long to buy one."
 Dave Strand in Spokane, WA


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